Sewing and tying it up

I never get tired of the drive from Half Moon Bay to Santa Cruz along the Pacific Coast Highway. The ocean white curls along the shore, birds gliding lazily in the air, surfers vying to ‘get tubed’, wild flowers searching for the sun, relaxes my mind.

Of course, there’s the traffic in Santa Cruz, once I pass the tiny town of Davenport. When we moved to Aptos in 1972, there was barely any traffic to speak of, and now it’s bumper-to-bumper during peak hours. I was surprised to see the miles of traffic heading to highway 17 around noon.

Where is everyone going?

I picked up Ronnie for the drive down to Marina to get my sewing machine out of storage. Well, there was part of my life right there inside that space. It’s closed up tight, so it surprised me to see so much dust on my ‘stuff’.

Son Brad is the reason for the sewing machine. He has an idea to sell Indonesian Batik ties and bags. Daughter-in-law Debby has contacts for material and workmanship in Indonesia. Brad purchased material for a tie/prototype and I started to make it but realized Debby’s sewing machine needed some repairs.

So tomorrow, I’ll finish up the tie on my machine. It will be fun to get back to sewing – a hobby I enjoy but gave up for the necessity of work. Better do it now!



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