Sentimental Journey VIII

Polly and I took off from Glenwood Springs at 9 a.m. and got on the road, heading to Lakewood. Lakewood, Colorado is where I lived for a few years and next to the Barnum neighborhood where I was raised.

But, the goal, while driving down I 70 around the tall, Leadville limestone, massive rocks of  Glenwood Canyon and along the Colorado River, would be to see my cousin, Beverly. Beverly and her family were there waiting for us with lunch. Beverly has four children and six grandkids.

The part of the Colorado River reminds me of the movie, “The River of No Return.” That movie started Marilyn Monroe and Robert Mitchum.

We passed the Dillon Dam, where a memory of that still lingers in my mind. When I was a tiny tyke, we camped out at a place owned by two brothers. We stayed in a little cabin and enjoyed the homemade swings and teeter totters, and other kids climbing toys. I overheard my dad speaking to one of the brothers, telling my dad that, “all this will be under water when they build the dam.”

I told my mother with tears in my eyes that the two brothers, and the little houses and the garden and kids toys will all be under water, but mostly I was afraid the brothers  would drown. She assured me that the would be re-located and safe.

The dam is lovely with small islands and in fall colors around the water. IMG_2631IMG_2641IMG_2612IMG_2636

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  1. Beverly and family were lovely and so was the lunch! Safe travels!

    • Oh, Polly: it was just so nice talking with you all the way to Lakewood. And you were a good driver. Wish we could meet up again sometime. It was fun.

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