Sentimental Journey VII – Montrose, other places and relatives

WE had a good five days in Montrose and now we’re in Glenwood Springs.

The visit with my sister-in-law, Carol and my cousin Claudia and her husband,Carl and friend, Marilyn was memorable.

Claudia, Marilyn, Carol and I all went to the Western Museum on the outskirts of Montrose the day before yesterday. There was a theatrical guide who took us through the cabins, stores, school house, dentist and doctors offices, bars with honky tonk piano and then told stories in each of the buildings. He was a character and a good actor, even crying twice to make a point.

We saw the home that would be typical for a young school teacher, complete with a tiny bed, a small stove, one rack where her clothing would hang, and the indoor potty place to keep her west museum1museum 2museum pianofrom having to go outdoors in the cold and dark night.

Today I can only describe what I can call stunning. Marilyn and I left Montrose in the morning and drove through the rain that made the already awesome colors look neon bright. The colors of the aspens, oak and sumac were shades of red, orange, yellow, rust, brown, maroon, gold, and green, along the road from Paonia to Glenwood Springs where we are now.


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