Sentimental Journey VI – Vallecito

the housethe riverIMG_2371I finnear the houseally got a photo of our backyard in Vallecito, high in the mountains above Bayfield and North East of Durango, Colorado. I said the word finally, because I wanted to wait for the peak of the fall tree colors to get a photo, but then it rained for two full days. The early morning hours are the best for photos, but these were in the afternoon, which still gives a story on where we lived.

Living here in the 90s were probably the best part of my life, excluding spending time with my three sons when they were growing up.

Did you all get your flu shots? I just got mine today, and now I’m flu less.


4 Responses to Sentimental Journey VI – Vallecito

  1. Laureen…….what a beautiful spot…indeed !!!!
    Living way up there………where did your boys go to school ?
    Yep….got my flu shot !

    • Paula: Larry was around 3 years old and Brad was 1 1/2 when we left Colorado for California.

      My three sons were raised mostly in Aptos, so they are California men.

  2. Laureen…..just sat down and went back through your postings……while you were in that beautiful area……your pictures are just beautiful!
    Hope you soon get settled in….
    Would like to come ….to where ever you are…and take you to lunch.
    Did you ever meet Ida Chan….Soledad bank…..she will be speaking at a luncheon this week …..a Chamber fund raiser …..
    Holding positive thoughts for you !

  3. Laureen…..thinking of you……..have you found the perfect place yet ?
    Hope so….

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