Sentimental Journey IX

Here I am in Saratoga, Wyoming – where you can see the honest-to-goodness, real, live west. Cowboys, cowgirls, cowboy bars, western clothing stores, and also everything you need for hunting and fishing is right in this town.

My friend from the time we were ten years old, picked me up in Lakewood for the long journey to Saratoga. It was a quick return for Sonja, as we left soon after she arrived. The goal was to get back to Saratoga before night fell, and before any possible storms.

We did get into some rain and later, some snow flurries, and wind, but we made it safely to her home, for she is an expert driver and used to the long drive to Denver from Wyoming. I felt safe in her hands on the wheel.

Sonja, who I haven’t seen, and neither her husband, John, for over 40 years, and I talked the entire five  hours to her home.

It was back in the summer all those years ago,  that my three sons and I spent some time in their home, and now all of our kids are parents of kids as young as we were back then.

Her wonderful son had dinner all ready for us and even had the table set.

I will leave here on the 18th so there will be some time to explore a real western town.

We’ll still have lots to talk about. Photos will come later.




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  1. I’m glad to learn that your journey is proceeding as planned; stay safe.
    Enjoy each day as you always do — another Sonja (and same spelling) was my roommate and best friend my freshman year in college — but not back to 10 years old! Good memories are so precious, and not only are you remembering past days but you are doing an awesome job of building more memories.

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