Sentimental journey 1

IMG_2141Colorado has the most beautiful skies and here are some samples I took on a sentimental journey to Colorado University and Boulder, Colorado.


It’s been 50 years since experiencing my first days of freedom as a freshman. Sure I abused that a bit; what freshman doesn’t?

Today, I  traveled on a bus from Broomfield to Boulder and spent some time on the open mall, trying to find anything that looked familiar, but instead found street performers, lots of shops, and a few old buildings. And I got caught in the rain; was soaked to my skin and trying to find the bus terminal. Every time I asked directions, the answer was different. Then, I walked into a bank, with clouded glasses, soaked to the skin, limping on a sore leg, and a teller went above and beyond to help me out.

She handed me some paper towels, and an umbrella that must have been in a pile of umbrellas once used for advertising. Again, people stepped up to help me everywhere I go. Amazing, good people in the world.



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  1. Beautiful photos. What a wonderful adventure you’ve had.
    I returned to CU to give a Women’s Month speech in the Glen Memorial Ballroom. I remember the building as very big, but in reality, many years later, it was small. CU put me up in a lovely bed and bath.

    • Sumi,

      That’s a great memory, as well. I didn’t have transportation to get everywhere I wanted to go. I really would like to find my old dorm hall: Bracket Hall. But it was fun to walk on the open mall and “people watch”. Glen Memorial Ballroom was named after a movie which stared Glen Miller and his band.

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