Seniors taking medicines on traveling abroad

Taking medicines abroad? I’ve done this many times with no problem.

Pack your medicines in your handbag that you keep with you on the flight. That is the best place in case your carry-on gets lost. If that gets lost or the suitcases in the baggage area is lost, you’ll have a difficult time, if not impossible to recover it.

Always have a doctor’s prescription with you, in case you’re questioned in foreign Custom’s area while entering a country.

To refill medications, I have learned that some countries demand  you get a physical check up by a doctor before they will issue a prescription. Other countries, will refill medicines just by handing the list over to the pharmacist.

I’ve made appointment with doctor’s in foreign countries, and all they did was monitor my blood pressure and ask questions, before filling the prescriptions.

Notice that in some countries, it is illegal for pharmacists to sell over the counter such items as Tums. So be prepared with first aide and what we consider over the counter health help for digestive disorders and pain medicines.

Following these instructions will make your trip easier.


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