Senior’s get off the couch

I’m going to get back up on this blog, after taking a very long break. So, this first one will begin with  my mantra: “get off the couch” and travel.

This mantra is especially for senior citizens who often tell me, they’re too old to do what I did, or they don’t have the money, or they don’t have the energy, or they’re afraid.

Believe, me, with my bad knees, and on medicines for a mild heart condition, I manage to get on with what I want to do: travel and learn about other cultures.

As far as having enough money, I can agree with that, so what I did for a one year journey in the world, I got out of my apartment and stored what I needed to save and sold lots of “stuff”.  So without an apartment to pay for, that money may be used to rent spaces wherever you go.

I am humble enough to stay in cheaper hotels, hostels and couch surfing.

It does take a lot of energy to do what I did, but if you take your time, and only spend time on what you really want to see and do. It isn’t necessary to see all the tourist areas, for the smaller neighborhoods are sometimes more interesting. That way you learn about how the real people live.

Hope this gives you encouragement. And remember, even day, or weekly trips can be fun, as well.

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