Senior traveling on the cheap

I’m going into the 80th year of my life on earth, and enjoy the benefits of old age. I have noticed many seniors like myself, who are kept busy with hobbies, and going places.

On the other hand, I see folks who assume that once they reach a certain age they need to put theirselves “into” what is expected of those who have been blessed to live a long life.

I tend to break out of that closed up thinking, and did so, first, when I quit my news reporting job at age 74 and left the U.S., for some places I only thought about going while I was already ‘on the road’.

If you find yourself wanting to get off the couch and get out there, it can be done.

There are many opportunities for senior tours, or you can do what I did, and “just wing it”.

I did not own a house, and left an apartment so I could use the funds I would have to pay rent or a mortgage, to be used on the one-year journey. All I had was social security, a bit of savings, a gift from a friend, and had the first three places lined up before I left. The rest was planned by using my computer and available wifi coffee shops to book the next place. I found the cheapest way to get wherever I wanted to explore, and stayed mostly in hostels. Of course, I was more often that not, they oldest person in those hostels, but it was mostly an enjoyable time.

You can go back through this blog and view some of my adventures.


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