Seeing old friends

The Power Point presentation at the Soledad Rotary club today was well accepted by the Rotarians.

I got there first, as usual. I’m always early every where I go. Then the Rotarians came walking through the door of the Windmill restaurant where the club has been meeting forever and when they spotted me, they all came over to me and gave me a hug.

Their questions during the talk and power point were very good, some were funny, and one elderly man who always loved to tease me, when everyone made remarks about me, as a brave, adventurous, woman, and on and on, he said, “she’s nuts.”

He must be right because I took that as a compliment.

My replacement for the newspaper was there doing what I used to do, taking photos and getting comments down on tape. I never used tape, I always used notes.

She is a kind person, and had a tragic event in her life just a few months after she was  hired. Her husband was stabbed to death inside their home. She will be going to court in the spring as the only witness. I wish her well.

The community rallied around for her and helped her get through the first shock and continues to be there for her. I’m impressed with her good nature and how she manages to keep on keeping on.



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