Hello everyone,


I’ll be in Scotland for about one month. I’ll be on my own. If anyone knows someone who could rent a room or a studio to me leave me a note on my email address:



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  1. Laureen. We are with you in Scotland…..
    Saw Honario this a.m. He asked about you and said nice things about you !
    All is well…..still making jam……I just supervise .
    Your pictures are great !
    Family sends greetings….

    • Oh good. I thought you missed that post, but wanted to make certain you didn’t. I’m at the Cork Airport watching people (some watch me too, I fear). I got here early because I wanted to be sure everything went as expected. The air company charged my credit union twice for my ticket. I did get it reimbursed, but then they cancelled the only ticket for which I had a boarding pass. But it’s all okay now. Just waiting for the next adventure. Give greetings to Honario if you see him again. He was among the friendly towards me.

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