Scheduling egos

It’s getting down to the wire, and I’m learning a lot about people with big egos. Those are the folks who have volunteered year after year, and have the same desire to work with the ‘stars’ of the show. They won’t work anywhere else but for the star.

But, I didn’t know that until toward the last minute when I tell people where their volunteer post will be, and then the flak begins. “I always work with so and so.” So this guy goes to so and so to get his strokes so he can come back to me with the words that the ‘star’ wants him to work for him.

So, fifteen people have to be moved around so the one ego maniac can get his favorite post that makes him rub elbows with the star Maybe some of the stars’ gold dust will rub off on him and make him famous, too.

Human nature is funny and a bit strange sometimes.


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