Santa Cruz

I spent time with friend, Kelly in San Jose and saw the nice home and garden that I’ll be attending at the end of this month until Sept. 15th. Kelly is the daughter of my good friend, Marilyn, who’s house and gardens I took care of last month.

The area is a lovely old neighborhood in San Jose, with the old street lights with round bulbs attached to iron posts. Houses are from the 30s. It’s in the Willow Glenn neighborhood and a street with coffee shops, restaurants, unique shopping…all reminiscent ¬†of days gone by. It’s going to be nice being in her home.

Now I’m in Santa Cruz at son, Ronnie’s apartment. I’m going to try and teach him how to eat well on less money. I’ve purchased some cookbooks from Amazon and they should be here today. If anyone has some great recipe’s that would be healthy, inexpensive and for one person, let me know.


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