Rushing around the jingle bell

Christmas is catching up with me and as of today, I wasn’t even sure what day Christmas fell on.  I’m so busy working at getting volunteers that I barely have had time to feel the Christmas spirit.

Everyone is running around in the stores, looking frantic and the music…well… Jingle Bells is nervous-making and if that stupid, tired, mommy doesn’t stop kissing Santa Claus, I’m going to gag.

I rushed around in only one store and purchased some items that will be used for a gift exchange-fun game we’ll play in my family tomorrow.

I don’t even know what I’ll be doing on Christmas Day.

On a vacant lot close to my apartment there are blown up Santa Clauses, Snowmen, and so much stuff you can’t take all the lights and bling in, but one thing caught my eye, “Keep Christ in Christmas”, the sign that tells us what Christmas is about, however, I didn’t see anything related to Christ among the jiggle bell, rubber, blown up, lit up ‘stuff’.

So, tomorrow, I’m going to think about the reason behind Christmas and take the day to rest and reflect.




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