Rowdy writers

A room full of writer’s makes for a lively discussion. Today it was a party to welcome back one of our clubs’ writers and for a general get together.

Dr. Susan Horcaja  lives in Zimbabwe, Africa and teaches in a university there. She got her doctorate in Africa in the 90s and was eager to return back and resume her interest in African education systems.

Susan did some consulting work on my book, Too Close to the Sun, by helping me think through the project. She has many skills and a big one is focusing on something until it makes sense. She’s also a good writer herself.

Before she left for Africa in the fall, she collected 75 boxes of books and had them shipped to Zimbabwe. It appears the Africans are thrilled with having so many books.

During the lunch, we took turns reading something each of us had written. I didn’t have much time to find anything, so I quickly went through my blog and picked a story out real fast, had it printed and that is what I read.

It was just one story out of the 375 stories there are relating to the yearlong journey.

It’s always fun and, yes, a bit rowdy with this bunch, but it made for a fun weekend.


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