I’m still sitting on top of the world here in Vallecito. Yesterday, I stepped out on a deck and saw a big, beautiful, buck with a rack of horns. I stood there and spoke to him. He also stood there as long as I did and looked at me. I think my soft voice soothed him and he wasn’t afraid. Of course, I didn’t have a gun.  There is nothing in the world that would make me want to kill anyone of these magnificent animals.

I’m feeling bad now, that when I was young, my dad shot and killed these animals so we would have food in the winter when his work slowed down.

I will post photos of this lovely place real soon. I’m just trying to get acclimated to the house and the reason I’m here…the dogs and the awesome cat.

Thank goodness Marilyn has a cleaning lady, as this would overwhelm me if I had to do it.

I took a bubble bath in her huge tub and the jets kept whipping up the bubbles. Bubbles kept expanding. Marilyn warned me not to use too much bubbly stuff and I thought I was doing okay with what I put in the tub. Not!

This is Sunday, and I don’t have much to do except be lazy. Tomorrow, I’ll pick myself up and get to town. I have some mailing to do for myself and for Marilyn.



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  1. Laureen,
    I’m enjoying your enjoyment of being in my space… Thanks, dear friend, for being there!

    • It’s going well, Marilyn. I’m so lazy here, and loving it. I got some work done, but there are some questions that I need to wait until offices are open on Monday to finish up what I need to do. One item I finished will get mailed tomorrow.

      It is just so beautiful here.

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