Remembering someone in Iceland

I’m going over the blog and right now I’m in the little village, Thorshofn, on the Arctic Circle. As a coincidence, one woman I met there and I have been chatting on Facebook.

She is full of fun and I’m having a great time knowing her. I’d really like to go back there someday. Her name in Catherine. She found her way from Ireland years ago, to the village. She was part of a group of women who were recruited to work in the fish business when there was a shortage of workers. Well, she met an Icelander, married him, and she’s still there. She lives next door to the hotel where I stayed, and I met her only two days before I left.

Catherine took me all over the town and then some, to show me what I would have missed otherwise.

Meeting people all over the world, is the biggest part of my adventure in traveling.

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