Remembering Barnum

IMG_2754My friend, LuAnn  H, from high school, sent me a book, “If You Stick with Barnum”, by Robert Autobee, and the front cover of the book brings back so many memories.

Barnum, my old, neighborhood is featured in this book.

The number 75 trolley  used to pick me up at Seventh and Knox Court, and then it headed down the hill, over a gully, over the viaduct to the City of Denver. Going over the viaduct treated the senses to great smells; the cookie factory, coffee roasting business, and a beer distillery, and a view of the industrial area.

Returning on the same route, picking up the trolley on Larimer Street (oh, many stories about that street, but too many for today), we’d pass my friend Ann Garska’s house, near the gully, then pass Mark Kay Hudson’s home, Lois Wood, Lucille Durant, Kay Ford, all on lower Knox Court, then it turned the corner on Eight Street and Knox Court, passing La Verne Vandstrom’s home, and finally my stop on Seventh Street. I walked from there, passed the Seventh Ave. Congregational Church, which I attended, and then on to my home on Sixth and Meade Street.

There was a Greek girl who lived between Seventh and Eighth on Knox Court, who’s name I don’t remember, but was a bit older than my friends.

The trolley took a large coin, a one half price for children, and a smaller coin for adults. I think those coins were purchased from the loop, which had a place to sit inside when it was cold. I still have a half piece coin somewhere in my archives.


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