Rejuvenated and ready for the next adventure

Here’s the latest news from the rejuvenated traveler.

I moved to another hotel today, and at 5 p.m. went to the welcome and get acquainted party for the Vaughan company conversation project here in this hotel.

I, and several others will be going to a small village where we will be treated royally for one week while we engage Spanish executives in conversation in English.

We are not allowed to use any Spanish whatsoever, and if we do, we will be asked to leave. That’s not going to happen to me!

I will be in the village of Gredos, and others go to another place. We leave at 9 a.m. in the morning on buses, and return back to Madrid on Friday.

The program promises to get executives up to speed with English, through the Vaughan company’s own curriculum. It will be interesting to see how we do.

During the party I met people, mostly from England, Scotland and an American couple who are expats in Spain, and two young women from India, and a woman from Canada, along with others, that I didn’t meet yet.

One gentleman from England told me about his experience as a volunteer in the Olympics. It was really a lot of fun he said, and would surely do it again. He was a smiling fellow and a joy to talk with.

Tonight I went to a restaurant with three women, Heather from England, Evelyn from Ireland and Rhona from Scotland.

Heather has had an interesting life, and she wears it well. She was in a sparkling top that matches her own spark. She has lived in Taiwan for five years to be close to her son and half Asian grandsons and her daughter-in-law. She currently ‘nannies’ for a wealthy couple for two children she says are wonderful kids.

Heather has traveled a lot in her life, and just returned from the El Camino walk through Spain. She has told me all about it, and I’m going to try a portion of that long pilgrimage.

Rhona has been an educator and is eager to get down to the business of talking to the Spaniards. She stayed in another hotel from the one I’m in, as is Evelyn and Heather.

When I come back to Madrid, I will be staying somewhere, probably a hostel and then I’ll go to the Basque area on Oct. 1.

Does it seem possible that I’ve been on the road for six months? Not to me. That is until I look at my bags. The one I book on the plane has holes in it, and the zipper on the carry-in is not working well, so guess that’s proof of how well I have traveled.

4 Responses to Rejuvenated and ready for the next adventure

  1. Laureen, what an adventure! How did you learn about this opportunity with the Vaughn company conversation project?

    • Back in October, when I realized it was time to move on, I looked on the web for a place to volunteer. I found the Vaughan company. They are considered the best in the business. Companies pay a lot of money to send people to the program. I wish I had found more opportunities like this one.

  2. Laureen…. Really interesting…..about this company you are working with. Know you will tell us all about it……..and when you visit the Basque area I will be interested in their food and culture…….
    Paula and Bud

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