Recommending a young Irish lady

I met this interesting and talented young Irish woman and would recommend her for art and/or agriculture. She has an honors degree in sculpture. Here is her letter: I will be flying into Newark Airport on the 17th August. I shall be travelling by RV down the country to Nevada desert where I will be participate in creating sculpture within the Burning Man festival. I want to really experience as much of your beautiful country as I can while im out there so I decided to make it a 3 month back packing trip.  I will be in California round about the 10th of September and would love to work in agriculture and/or art.

Im a backpacker by the name of Niamh (its Irish and pronounced Neev….. don’t worry it makes no sense to me either.) I have recently completed an Honours Degree in Sculpture hence the fascination with Burning Man and its world renowned artists. I have a huge interest in creating large scale pieces and creative problem solving. I believe this could be of great benefit to your farm if you are constructing in any capacity. I would consider myself to be, “a jack of all trades master of none type.” I have worked with varies materials such as fibre glass, casting, wood work, metal work, clays, moulds etc the list goes on. Im a very hands on individual and enjoy a challenge. I believe you gain a better understanding of a country/place when you work or meet the locals. This also happens to be my 1st major trip on my own so it would be nice to have people around to show me the ropes.


Secondly sister studied horticulture for quite a few years and I spent many hours helping planting, weeding, building hen houses, creating willow sculptures and generally expanding my mind on organic growing. I really believe in the culture of organic farming, a better understanding of where our food comes from, how it is produced, etc.  I feel in many regards we have lost touch with our environment in the modern world.


Anyway I won’t waffle on to long about my beliefs and rather keep it short and sweet. I would love to have the opportunity to work with you, learn and grow. If there is any chance you need help during this period (15 September – 19 October) please let me know and I’m ready and willing to get my hands dirty=)


Best wishes,

Niamh Cosman


PS: If you would like any other information then please don’t hesitate to ask. My email is:


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