Real mountain folks don’t leave

There are still a few cowboys in these parts, but it’s changing by the years. It has become more of a  summer tourist destination than when I lived in Vallecito.

Many folks who live here year round leave when the first snow starts to fall, but the real, down-to-earth mountain folks don’t leave.

I went into the Mountain store this morning and had coffee and a muffin and egg. It’s a store/restaurant/gas station/fire wood and just about anything you could want to purchase. A rustic place with down-home folks.

When I walked in, I told the cashier that I hadn’t been in that store for a long time and last week was the first time.

“Oh, you must be the lady who’s visiting Marilyn. Hi, I’m Rosemary.”

Guess when you’re in a small community, just putting two and two together and you got your answer.

I’m doing a bit better with the 4 wheel drive, but it still makes me kind of nervous being responsible for someone else’s car. But Marilyn is an easy person to please, so I’m getting the hang of it.

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