Reading between the lines/ending one post

Yesterday was strange. I was ready for the usual day at First Night’s office, when I sent a text that I would be there at 11 instead of 10, and a text  came back from the director that she didn’t have time to ; and it stopped there.

I wrote back asking if I should or should not come in: no comment came back. SoI’m assuming that my time is over in that office (hope so) and that I should continue on for the next six weeks at the Arts Council office which is what I’d like to do. My leader at AmeriCorps suggested I offer that suggestion to First Night, but first ask the Arts Council director if that is okay with her.

So this is how it has turned out so far. Yes, to the Arts Council’s office, and still no comment from First Night.

It’s tough being in limbo. But reading between the lines, I think I know the outcome. By the way, reading between the lines is where you’ll find the real story – so I’ve learned from begin a reporter.


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