Quail and Olive tomorrow

It’s the Paint the Village tomorrow in the Carmel Valley Village. Artists will sign up and then get out to the village and paint what they see.

Then they come back in the afternoon and the art is judged and awards are handed out. Also there is an olive tasting part of the day and a lecture on olive oil by an expert. I got the volunteers all lined up to be there, and while they get set up, I’ll be at the Next Generation Jazz Festival volunteer orientation meeting in the morning.

After that, I’ll join up with the others in Carmel Valley. The Next Generation festival is next weekend, then the hard part of my work is nearly finished.

However, one more big event that I’ll be asked to begin recruitment for is the Concours Auto Show at Pebble Beach. That ’s held in August, but I’ll be free from this job on June 30th, with nine days  left to vacate my apartment, put ‘stuff’ in storage and head off to the next adventure… Cambodia.

My blog will be full of the experiences I’m sure I’ll have for that month.

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