Pumpkin pie season

I’m in pumpkin heaven. I love pumpkin pie. It is home, It is cozy. It is Halloween and my youth. It is Thanksgiving and my family. ┬áIt’s fall and fall colors, orange and brown leaves falling from trees.

That yellow vegetable, turned into a pie, is the best. Who invented it anyway?


2 Responses to Pumpkin pie season

  1. I’ll never forget those Halloween bonfires that your folks had on the lot next to your house !!

    • Hi Sonja!

      Yes, those bonfires were fun. Remember the donuts and cider and one time there was a guy playing a guitar? Folks from the neighborhood contributed their autumn leaves for the fire. I remember you had a pirates costume one time.

      One year we had a spook house set up inside our house. What trusting people we were back then, to have strangers walking through the house.

      I wrote and, it was published, all about our Halloween parties. It’s somewhere in my archives.

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