Proud jazzy mama

Proud? You betcha. I accompanied my son, Ronnie to the Jazz Jam night at Bocci Cellar in Santa Cruz. It’s sponsored by the Santa Cruz Jazz Society and after the regular band plays, it is open for any musicians to step up and play.

Ronnie is a regular for this, and when it was time to ask for musicians, they asked Ron to step up to the drum set.

Ron introduced me to many well known Santa Cruz musicians, some, like Don McCaslin, who is a Santa Cruz institution greeted me with upmost respect and friendliness.

One musician said to me, when Ron introduced me as his mom, “You’re a lucky person.” ┬áI almost cried.

Ron’s life isn’t always easy, but I have so much respect for how he perseveres to get what he wants. He has one more class to go in order to get his second AA degree, this one in music. The class will challenge him, as it would me, as well. It’s physics.

Santa Cruz musicians are superb. The piano player was the best I have heard. He was all over the keys, ┬áinstantly improvising, changing keys and rhythm. He was so good that when he took a break I asked him if I could look at those hands. “Are they real?” I asked.

“You’re so sweet,” he answered. He looks to be in his 60s and has played since he was four years old.

Then there was even a tap dancing women, who took her solo on the floor.

What a night!!!!

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  1. Paula and Bud

    Laureen….hey “proud-jazzy-mama”….
    I think both you and Ron need to be proud……of each other !!!!! and I’m sure you are !
    Today’s message “warmed my heart” !!!!!!


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