problems with banking today/ and a donut to ease my mood

I don’t want to elaborate too much here, but just to say that I stayed close to the hotel to receive an important phone call regarding my bank and what they are doing to thwart my getting an apartment in March.

It seems that before my credit card is charged, an apartment hunting company puts it through by charging only $1 or $2 as a tentative test, and then after that goes through,the larger amount is then charged.

Well, a small charge as the tentative one is a red flag for fraud, according to the Bank of America. I have gone round and round with this, with emails and phone calls. It’s amazing how modern business is so more complicated than in the past.

Right when I expected a phone call from the apartment company, the hotel staff left for the afternoon, and I’m stuck in my room with no access to the reception area, where the phone call would come through.

It’s more complicated than what I’m reporting here, but I’ll get through it.

I waited all day for a phone call, and just found out in reception that there were no messages. So I called the apartment folks again, and the guy moaned, “Oh, yea, I didn’t get to that yet.”

Just when I was feeling sorry for myself,  the nice thirteen year old Daniel brought me a pot of coffee with a donut. He and his family lived in California and Texas, so he’s fluent in English. He’s helping his mom tonight…she’s in the reception office for the evening.

The folks in this hotel are the best I have come across on my nine months, nearly ten months of travel.



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  1. I’m so sorry you are going through such trials and tribulations, especially long distance!! Indeed, things seem so much more complicated nowadays!! If I can help in any way, just let me know! 🙂

    • Oh thanks Susan. What happens is that when I wanted to book an apartment for one month, the company tested the credit card by charging only $1. When my credit card bank sees that a red flag goes up for fraud.
      I talked to the bank and they cleared it, they said. Then, the apartment company tried again and they kept getting it denied. I simply deleted everything and went with another company. It’s all okay, just inconvenient.
      But this is just small stuff in the big scheme of life. I’m really just fine, and having a great time. I know how fortunate I am, and feel grateful for everyday.

  2. Laureen….from now on,we hope there are more donuts than bank problems.
    Paula and Bud.

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