Presentation went well

The drive on the coast up from Santa Cruz to Half Moon Bay is always  beautiful  and ever changing.

When I left this morning the fog was low until out of Santa Cruz and the sun shown and the colors on the ocean were gorgeous: blue, turquoise, green and the sky was blue, lavender and white.

Wild flowers complimented the picture with green, yellow, pink and wheat colors.

When I got to Half Moon Bay, I saw my daughter-in-law, Aleida (Debby to us), working with children in the center next to the community building which is also the social hall of the Methodist church.

I found a place to put my painterly photos and then took a walk around the block. Soon Rotarians arrived and after announcements and lunch, Dr. Paul McReynolds introduced me to the club, as the guest speaker.

My power point looked good up on the screen, and the Rotarians were attentive and asked some great questions.

I left there and went on to see Madeline – Paul’s wife. She has been recuperating from a fall that wrecked havoc with her knee. She wanted to see my painterly photos so I took them to their glass house and showed them to her.

Back to Santa Cruz, and the ocean scene had changed; more white and blue close to the water. One thing I have missed over the past few years is the red, white and blue mailbox. Hmm, if you don’t know about that mailbox, guess you’ll have to ask me.

It used to be a secret until people got wind of it and guess made it necessary to take it down.


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  1. Laureen…I’m asking……about the mail box ??

    • Ha ha,it got your attention. It was for many years a secret (and an insiders joke) until people began to get wind of it. The mailbox was standing near the road for years and years and years. I just stopped seeing it when I returned back.

      It signified the trail to the nude beach.

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