Power points

I made a power point presentation to a few of the Gonzales Rotary members who showed up for lunch. It was a small crowd, but nice just the same to see the regulars.

The City of Gonzales is small, but far ahead of even larger cities with their Gonzales Grows Green initiative, and many projects that take the bite off of the footprint, at least in this little town.

I left Half Moon Bay after three days caring for animals. But while in HMB I saw my son Brad, his wife, Debby and my grandson Brandon. They have been in my corner taking care of me whenever I’m there in the territory.

I am now in a motel in San Jose, putting the credit card to good use. That’s what it’s for, right? I will be going to a friends house here in a few days to learn what she wants me to do for her while she’s in Japan and i’m minding her house and dog. Then I’ll go to Santa Cruz and stay with my son Ron for a week or so…and then…more later. This is it for now.

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