Power point

I gave a power point presentation of my yearlong adventure to a group of senior citizens at the Half Moon Bay Methodist Church. First it was a potluck… yum, I’ve always liked a pot luck dinner. That takes me back to my childhood.

The person who invited me couldn’t find a projector so I spoke first and had a table full of photos that I had developed at Walgreen’s. They were 8X10’s and really looked good, and folks had a good time looking at them.  A few people were interested in the camera I used, and I remembered to take that along with me incase someone asked.

I did use the power point with people sitting as close as they could get to the computer. It wasn’t perfect but it worked.

Several folks had ventured into some of the places I had gone to and it was fun hearing their stories. They were all so attentive, asked good questions, and two people purchased my book.

One lady, knowing about my photo/painting process gifted me with a three-layered wooden box of pastel pencils. Most of them haven’t been used. I cannot wait to find a place where I can blow up the photos on water color paper so I can create some more painterly projects.

After I got on the road from Half Moon Bay and about an hour from Santa Cruz, I stopped and watched the waves a bit and called my son, Ronnie. We agreed to meet for lunch.

His ideas are always good ones, so I took him up on purchasing sandwiches at Safeway and something to drink. Then we sat in the car watching the surf, and six racing sailboats. It’s good to share that time with him.

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