Policing the police

It’s sad.

Several police, including the police chief in King City were arrested and hauled away, complete with mug shots and handcuffs.

I knew some of them, and I know many more cops in the news beat I had. Now, I was a firm non-loving piggy person before I got to know policemen/policewomen  before the news reporting job.

I was fortunate to get to know them as human beings, not perfect, but with the same temptations as anyone. I also rode around with them and saw first hand how hard they work, and how they are always ‘on’, ready for whatever happens on their night beat.

I also experienced the touching Christmas party all the South County law enforcers, including the prison wardens and workers, that was created for the children and families of need. They raised funds from their own population to gift hundreds of children, and treat the children and their families to Christmas dinner.

I just hope the cops who are in trouble will get a fair trial. And if they are found guilty, I hope other cops learn from their mistakes.



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