Plastic fish

There’s a lot going on at the office where I work two days of the week. Nina, the artist is busy making gigantic fish out of plastic bottles. It’s just amazing to me how an artist sees the potential of art in the most mundane objects.

Since plastic bottles seem to be taking over our oceans, it seems only logical that an artist would take those bottles and grow fish out of them.

Nina took wire and bent it to build a fish about as big as a bicycle, but reaching to the floor. Then after the form was constructed, she cut hundreds of plastic water bottles in half and spray painted them a cloudy greenish color and attached them to the form, to make a very large fish, and  it’s really looking like a fish with scales. Amazing.

The fun part of my job is working inside the building where creativity is oozing out of everywhere. There are gigantic puppets, murals, shelves of this and that, that will become this and that in another form.

I’d love to get in there and help create some of the items that will be on display during First Night Monterey, but, alas, my job is that of the volunteer coordinator. I will be lining up volunteers for one, if not THE  biggest night in Monterey County. So, guess there lies my creativity…getting people to work for free.

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