Picking up pennies

I went to a Congregational church today, where the preacher (preachette) told of her house sitter, who opened the door for a second and a skunk got into her house and sprayed on the back of the couch. She had lots of work to do when she got home.

Glad that hasn’t happened to me.

I then went to CVS to purchase some coffee filters. I asked the people and the clerk around me if anyone knew of a non-profit taking in pennies. I had a whole change purse inside my billfold full of pennies and they were making it heavy.

One lady told me to take them to Safeway and put them in a machine, and Safeway would take a percentage. But who cares, I just want to get rid of them.

Then the nice clerk told me to spread them out on her counter, and she counted them and I paid for the $3 purchase.

I still pick up pennies off the street. Don’t you?

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  1. Laureen….yes, I pick up pennies !!!!! Perhaps you and I are the only ones who do !!

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