Picasso can wait

I haven’t felt up to the Picasso Museum yet, but maybe I’ll get to it tomorrow.

I have a feeling that my face probably resembles a Picasso painting right about now.

I spent 2 1/2 hours looking for soap to wash my clothing in and also a place to buy liquids and bananas for the potassium.

Restaurants line the streets, but where do people buy food and laundry detergent?

I ate breakfast at a place from  off the menu, but nothing looked good to me. First there were all kinds of sea -critter food, such as octopus in in’s own ink. Barf.

Then there was that item of fried baby fish.   Double barf. And beans galore, fried meat and that traditional breakfast with tomato scrubbed on top of bread, and other things that made me gag.

I found two items; one with fried potatoes and bacon, and the other with two eggs and hot peppers. I asked if I could have the potatoes without bacon with two eggs without peppers.

That was fine with the cook, but when I went to pay, I was charged for two menu items. I also had mineral water con gas. With gas is what is meant by sparkling water. That turned out to be my best choice.

Now, I’ll rest up and see what I can do later this afternoon. By the way, there’s very little activity in Spain until 10 or 11, and then everything closes down around 2 for a couple of hours, then stores are open late in the evening.

I took photos of the clinic and some surrounding narrow streets. I’ll post later.

Hoping all is well wherever you are, dear readers.  By the way, I have had over 16,000 ‘hits’ on my blog from the day I began.

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  1. Laureen……gland you are on the mend…..Sure glad you didn’t choose the octopus for breakfast….in its own ink. !!! Barf !!
    Waiting for your take on Picasso…….. I am still trying to understand his work!!
    Keep hydrated…mineral water con gas !
    16000 hits…..WOW !!!!

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