Photos to go with yesterday’s story

The Mauseturm as seen from my window


The Ehrenfels Castle and the Mauseturm with vineyards and the river Rhine

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  1. Laureen……great pictures !
    Is the Mauseturm a castle ?
    PĂ ula

    • Paula: No the Mauseturm is a current-day navigation point for the barges that go down the Rhine. It was built in the 1300s,originally as a a lookout tower for the Ehrentels Castle – the other photo. The Mauseturm and the Castle are fairly close, although the castle is on the ground near the vineyards, and the Mauseturm is in the river on a small island which is now a park. It’s closed in the winter, so I cannot get on it for a closer look.

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