Photographic exhibition gives me ideas

Mary, one of the Arts Council’s volunteers, held a gallery opening showing her photography from around the world. She is a travel agent and where she has been and her keen eye shows up in her artwork.

Yes, photography is an art.

This reminds me that I need to do something with my thousands of photos I took in Spain, Germany, Holland, Croatia, Republic of Czech, Morocco, Turkey, Rock of Gibraltar, France, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Ireland, Scotland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Denmark and England.

And on other past adventures in Italy, Egypt, Belgium, Costa Rica, Panama, Cuba, Nicaragua, and hmm, oh yes, the U.S. I’d like to give an exhibit of my photography and painterly work. I’m reminded, also that it’s the framing of the art work that’ll get you.

Mary’s work was nice and the prices were quite high. I don’t know how successful she was at selling items but while I was there for only one half an hour, she sold one piece.

So, maybe that’s another project for when I get back from Cambodia…and then there’s that other book from the blog.


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