Personality tests

Just this past week or so, I weakened my resolve not to take any of those personality tests that get posted on Facebook, and took three of them.

I learned that I’m like a dumb blond, not brainy, but lovable, I learned that I should have been an astronaut, and today, I learned that I am a creative person who enjoys the arts (hmm, that’s pretty darn close), but it goes on to relate that, while I enjoy people and being creative, I can be very closed up about myself.

HUH? I write a blog mostly about myself, I’m too open to tell folks how I feel and talk too much about personal problems.

So much for those silly tests.

Anyway, today I had made a huge mistake at work and I felt so bad about it and the supervisor had to leave the room so she wouldn’t get mad at me and say wrong things. I have to admire her for taking that step….something to learn from that, for sure.

But my mistake was from a lack of understanding what was expected of me.  So maybe I’m learning that if you don’t understand something keep asking until you get it clear. I hate to ask too many questions.  Hmmm, maybe I am closed up.


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