People pleasers vs. strategy

My roommate and I are both people pleasers and we discussed how hard that is sometimes to be responsible for your work, but not getting positive feedback.

That kind of treatment can almost destroy me until I talk myself out of it. I always do. She says the same thing. We’re wondering how some folks remain calm during hectic times or during events, while others get stressed out.

I get stressed because I want to please and if it’s something I’m not familiar with,  I feel scared that it won’t please those I want to please.

If I could just concentrate on doing a good job, I’d be better off. I tell myself this all the time.

One of my bosses is a stressful person and takes her stress out on others, while the other one is always calm. I asked the calm one how she remained so calm and her reply was that is was just strategy. Interesting.

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