The Executive Director of the Arts Council is unique in her approach. She believes in getting agencies to partner on projects, rather than compete.

After working along side of her for awhile, I understand her concept and believe in it wholeheartedly. Where was this concept when I needed to know it many years ago?

When agencies partner, it brings more to the populace, and she practices this everyday. She has brought many agencies together and has reached hundreds and hundreds of young people in the arts. The motto the Arts Council lives by is, “Arts are the answer.” This means that everyone, especially young folks, who are at the age to get into trouble, when getting involved in the arts, their minds are occupied and they stay out of trouble: gang life is less attractive.

But it works with adults, as well.

I have the opportunity to put my old high school fellow student and working actor, Tom Bower together with the Soledad Prison and the Arts Council, in a project that Tom has been dreaming about for many years.

Tom and his friend, a fellow actor, made a trip from Hollywood to the prison after I had introduced him to the warden and public information officer. The warden liked his idea; bring film making into the prison for the inmates to learn how it’s done. But that was a few years ago when money became tight.

Now, the prison has a bit more money, thanks to how government sometimes works, and Tom is back in touch with the PIO, and the Arts Council may want to partner with them. We’ll see how it all goes. Of course, I’ll be gone from here by then.

I’ll be in Cambodia, Colorado, Wyoming.

Yes, Wyoming. My friend, Sonja, who has been my friend from the time we were ten years old, agreed to let me visit her in Saratoga, Wyoming when I get back from Cambodia. I’ll first be with relatives and my good friend Marilyn in my old stomping grounds in Colorado…then Wyoming for a spell…that’s Partnering!


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