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There is so much paper work in AmeriCorps that it gets crazy. It reminds me of high school when we’d have a substitute teacher and they handed out sheets of stuff to fill out, just to keep us busy and out of trouble. BORING!

Some of the paper work is repetitive and redundant. But I’m here and I have to do it if I want to stay in the program and get out on time.

About the time I wonder if anyone reads the stuff, I get an email with a notation that I left something out, or needed one more, two more items to complete the paper work.  Then I’m back trying again to figure out what they want and then send it back.

But, the good news is that I’m getting up to speed with Excel, that program I knew nothing about a few months ago. I have taken a class and got a bit of education, and then I studied a bit online, and just awhile ago, I signed up for a 19 hour class. This should just about do it.

And next week we will receive some training on how to write a grant proposal. Well, I did one a very long time ago, but I need to learn from a professional, so this is good.



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  1. Laureen, we really do follow in each other’s paths. I wrote grant proposals for years for various nonprofit organizations and was a grants coordinator for the Department of Cultural Affairs for the City of Los Angeles. I also wrote grant applications and guidelines for the department.
    We used Excel for budgeting and keeping track of members. I also use Excel to keep financial records for my book.
    It’s never too late to learn something new!

    • Okay Sumi, then I’ll stop whining.
      My problem is that I’m the least detail oriented person anywhere and this paper work and Excel demands that. Maybe this is something I am supposed to learn now. How did you learn Excel?

  2. Laureen, as with everything on a computer, I taught myself. The program that really stumps me, though, is Photoshop. I’m a pain in the butt Virgo; that’s why I’m good with details. However, what softens that trait is my rising sign, Gemini. Otherwise, I would be unbearable!

    • You are just plain brilliant. It seems that I always need a teacher of some kind. I’m studying Excel a bit right now online. The teacher is really good. But I have three different computers to work on, and each one is different.

      I always tell myself, if I can learn to fly an airplane, I can learn this (or whatever is facing me at the time). However, I had the most patient flight instructor on the planet.

      We used photo shop at the newspaper, and I learned it, but now I don’t have it on this computer.

  3. On Photoshop, I just learned how to replace a face in a photo of a group of people. I don’t use the program often enough to become proficient.
    It’s hard to use different computers because each one operates differently. It would be easy to,get confused.

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