Paper work…and glass steps

I filled out a long paper to qualify for senior housing. Paper work these days is long and sometimes difficult to find the answers to questions.

Who remembers the exact day, month and year they moved into an apartment and the same for the day they moved out?  Who remembers the time they first signed up for a particular health and medication insurance?

Who remembers the name and information on all the past landlords?

Then, the paper requires detailed information on my budget. My financial situation has changed radically, and so, I’m not certain yet, how my budget will affect me in the coming months. But the paper work has to be filled out.


After the paper work is finished for the senior housing, there is still a one to three year wait until it’s possible to move in. By that time, hopefully, another place – a better one will be found.


Then there is the new insurance and medical forms to fill out, and the mountains of paper work that follows. It must be read and understood. Who understands their medical insurance in it’s entirety? It’s more complicated than arranging travel around the world.

Meanwhile, there’s a life to be lived and I’m on it. I will be interviewed about my one year journey by the Half Moon Bay Review.

Yesterday I had a lovely dinner at a home of friends in an awesome house between Half Moon Bay and El Granada. To get upstairs from the ground level in their house, you either take an elevator, or walk up on glass steps. Yes, glass steps.  Take your shoes off and walk in stocking feet.

I’m learning from folks that my one year on the road, in the skies and train tracks, is unique, especially for someone my age and to be alone. When I left the U.S. to begin the trek, I never thought about the uniqueness of it. I just packed up and left.







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  1. Wow! Had not looked at the blog for a month and you are back already. I hope you get the place in Half Moon Bay. I am glad you got home safe say hello to all for me and barb,.
    Love Bill

    • I cannot afford the place…I have to find a job. It’s difficult at my age, however. The alternative is senior housing but there is a waiting list of one to three years.

      So, I have some challenges ahead of me. But I never get discouraged. I’m working on getting some speaking engagements for the book, and think I’ll get some sold, so that will help. I’m right now sleeping on the couch of Brad and Debby, and will next spend time in Ronnie’s house in May.

      Actually, it was cheaper traveling and staying in hostels. But I need to settle down for awhile so I can pay off my credit card.

      Hope all is well with you in Georgia.

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