Our carpeted bowling alley now has a friend or two


Son Brad, and daughter-in-law Debby, drove all the way down from Half Moon Bay to help me and my roommate, Regina, get the tall bookcase out of the storage unit.

They did a great job with that and a few other items. (I’m not going to mention the unmentionables, but you may remember that I have a lot of a certain item and more of those make me feel rich and I found a suitcase of some clothing and 9 more of those unmentionables. That makes 49!).

I purchased a black sofa bed because I’ll have a friend visiting from Alaska soon and another one from Colorado in November. They would need a place to sleep. Now we have several paintings, a sofa bed and a black bookshelf, with no books. Regina has boxes of them in Chicago and I couldn’t see the point of bringing in my books from storage just to place on the shelves.

So far, our decor is minimalist. I do have a very large basket that sits on top of the bookcase. It seemed lonely in the storage unit so Brad talked me into bringing it along. It is a large basket that I made from the reeds in our Colorado back yard.

Buddy, the fat cat, who is in heaven used to love to sit in it.



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  1. Laureen……And now you have 49 ?????!!!!!!!

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