Organizing the details

Love the details

The journey continues in my heart and mind. When I was on the Island of Vis, off of Croatia, I met a young lady inside of a restaurant. She was working on an art project and I was on my computer writing a daily blog.


Tina and I talked awhile, and exchanged emails and both joined up as Facebook friends. I saw that she was on Facebook late last night, while it was day time to her. She was back in her home in Slovenia and here I was in Half Moon Bay.


I have made many friends along this journey and treasure them, as they contributed much to my happiness while on the road.


Yesterday, I opened up all the packages I had sent to my son, Larry, for him to put into my car. They were small informative books, pamphlets, maps and post cards, and more, for me to use as factual background for the book regarding my year long journey I’ll be writing.


I organized them according to the country. Soon, I’ll print out the blog, so I can begin the job of including the best of the year long blog project.


Still needing a place to live and small income. I’m positive it will all come together.


The book I wrote last year, “Too Close to the Sun” a Dutch boy becomes a man during WWII, is still available on However, I have some of those in my car. I met a man at the Methodist Church in Half Moon Bay, on Sunday, who remembered way back when I lived here that I would write that book. He asked where he could purchase one.

“I have some in my car.”

“Well, I want one then. Can you go get me one.”

Meanwhile, he had his signed copy, and another person saw it and asked for one, as well.

And another man asked for a copy but will get it next week.

Hmmm, didn’t mean to make money at church, but you never know where luck will find you.

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