One week and five days

I’m on a count down to the end of the AmeriCorps experience and sharing a space with a roommate. The replacement roommate has already arrived and made many changes. There is now a black, playful kitten, a huge TV, and I’m sharing the space with another person, waiting for the bathroom and the washing machine and dryer.

They are both nice folks so I’m not complaining, but I now know why I love living alone. There are benefits to living alone for someone like me, who loves to ‘do my own thing’.

So the AmeriCorps experience is closing down, with only one week and five more days. I got a shock when learning that I was short of over 100 days per week of earning my stipend. If you don’t get the whole 1700 hours, you will not receive one bit of the stipend. This is wrong! But at this late date I cannot argue. So I tried to find an over night camp where I could be on call 24 hours for a couple of days to make up the time. I couldn’t sleep thinking about how I could manage to get those hours in.

So I told my supervisor and we worked out a plan. I remember for the first few months, I never reported the time I worked at home, figuring out the monthly reflection report and adding up my hours, so I will go back and insert them into the last weeks time sheet and reflection, so I will make the hours.

I took all of the typhoid medicine, got one more shot and have one more to go.

I’m amazed at how much this stuff costs. Everytime I get a shot it’s $150. Now I know the manufacturing of these meds are making tons of dollars off of folks like me. Oh well, the price of staying well.

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