One more hour

Seen in a garden

One last walk through the village of Komiza until it is time to leave. I either spent two much time here or not enough. I think it might well be the latter, as I have met more people, and seen more these last three hours.

Take for instance, Dragon, the handsome grandson of the woman I rented my room from. He wanted to assure me that Dragon means nice flower, not a fire eating thing.

Dragon is leaving the island on the same ferry as I, and is returning back to Serbia where he was raised and where his parents live.

He’s an intelligent young man who has an insight earned from living in a war-torn country, and also from studying interior design.

He is interested in interior design from the standpoint of using design to create a positive, clean, pollution-free world.

Dragon gave me his insightful look into the differences between his country of Serbia and Croatia.

“The countries hate each other,” he said, and further explained that the disagreement came out of a war many years ago and a war just twenty short years ago. Croatia wanted freedom from Yugoslavia, and the Serbs sided with Yugoslavia during the conflict.

He assured me again, that the fire eating dragon of Serbia didn’t include the citizens of the country, but the leaders.  Isn’t that the way?

He also told me something interesting about guns made in Serbia. They are sold to various countries across the world.

Dragon is intelligent and uses the foreign language of English well, with few limitations. I hung on every word and I learned so much from this young man.

Before meeting up with Dragon, I walked around the village to see more of the houses and the many, many cats who live on this island. A veterinarian needs to volunteer his/her time to neuter and spay the cats, as there are many who scrounge around for food. I saw one with the use of only three legs, and one with open sores. Being a cat lover this is hard to see.

One more item to report is the T-shirts I see with strange phrases. Here are a few and I will observe more and list them as I see them.


True Religion Brand Jeans  California Los Angeles


Play California


Fresno Pacific University


Louisiana US Repair Shop

Denim New York City

A well-cared for cat.



Okay it’s 1 p.m. and one more hour for the bus and then the ferry.

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  1. What an excellent addition to the cast of characters that are playing on the stage of your journeys! I knew you would eventually find some people who would meet your expectations! Congratuations, and bon voyage for the next stage of your journey!

  2. Laureen…..your last blog……pretty kitty and handsome Dragon……
    Waiting for your next adventure..
    Paula and Bud

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