One more event and then…

Today is April 2, and  I’ll be on my way back to California in two more days. Tonight will be the last cultural event in Turkey and will ‘cap off’ my journey. I’m going to a folk dance concert late tonight, so I’ll have to take a taxi back to the hotel. Hope he can find his way.

It’s been an awesome journey. I’ve been in sixteen countries, three continents, three islands, twenty one flights. Too many ferries, trams, trains, buses, taxi’s to count and one scooter ride and two camels.

The highlights begin with the interview of me on National Icelandic TV, Christmas and New Years in Berlin with Marilyn McCord, seeing relatives and friends in Germany, Holland and the Faroe Islands and the surprise celebration of my birthday, put on by the people in the Orkney Islands. I flew on the shortest booked flight that is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records, and got to sit in that cockpit and two other times in big commercial planes. Another highlight, and there were many, was the Turkish bath. You can’t come to Turkey without that experience.

My experience has taught me so much about myself, humanity and culture differences. I have made life-long friends.  One year has gone by fast, yet there is so much to remember. I need to spend  a bit of time reflecting on it.

Then, I will put it all in a journal with awesome photos and publish the book. I will also get my photos enlarged and sell them, perhaps holding a gallery show.

First of all, when I go back, I’ll need to find a permanent place to live. If you remember, I gave up a job and my apartment for this journey. I have no regrets, and I thank everyone who has contributed in any way, and for everyone who has read the blog.

Don’t give up on that, however, as I will continue it for a couple more years, with results of the book, reviewing it and then I’ll begin writing about other adventures I’ve had in my life.




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  1. Paula and Bud

    WHAT A WOMAN !!!!

    Paula and Bud

  2. renzo and diet

    many greetings from us. we will follow you by reading your blog.

    • Hi Renzo and Diet: I’ll be with Brad and Debby and Brandon tomorrow. I’m going to keep up the blog, but of course my one year journey is over, but I’ll keep it up regarding the publishing of the book, and my photo sales, and then other travel stories.

      Thank you again for everything you did for me. It was fun meeting and staying with you and your family. Stay in touch.

  3. Hi Laureen – you are something else me dear! I just found an email to you from forever ago in my drafts folder and thought I must have a quick peek at how she’s doing. Great to know you are well and full of the joys of spring and that the road goes on, even if it is heading for home, which can be a lovely place to head for. I can only imagine feeling the need to reflect on this trip of a lifetime, I think you are tremendous. Safe journey onwards and best wishes from the land a the leprechauns…… cheers – Ellen. (I’ll send on the email)

    • Hey,

      It’s so good to ‘hear’ from you. It’s been an amazing journey. Now I have to get back and work on the book. I’m also going to sell some photos. I ALSO need to work at least part time.

      Thanks for writing to me. Best wishes.


  4. Wow!! You have some great plans! I look forward to seeing you get them underway and, of course, seeing you when you return!! All the best for a great trip “home”!! (Remember though, you can never go “home”…:-)

  5. Paula and Bud

    Laureen…..has THE EAGLE landed yet ???

    Paula and Bud

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