Once down on the floor, can I get up again?

10003545_10153875171865387_1908993771_nSophak, my country coordinator for my Cambodian experience tells me not to worry about sitting on the floor while meditating with the monks, that they will probably give me a cushion. But, even with a cushion, I’ll have to sit on the floor. Can I do that? Can I get up gracefully after sitting on the floor? Hmmm, my only concern. I’m not afraid to fly. I’m not afraid to learn the ways of a foreign country. I’m not afraid of anything, but being able to sit on the floor for a long time.

This is me trying to get up from the floor.


3 Responses to Once down on the floor, can I get up again?

  1. Paula and Bud

    Laureen……I hope you plan to practice getting up off the floor…… Don’t know about you……but I know what it takes to get me up off the floor….not a pretty sight!!!!!!

  2. Paula and Bud

    Laureen…….let’s do lunch when you get back …..
    Looking forward to a daily report..
    Paula and Bud

    • We will have lunch when I get back. Meanwhile, stay tuned to the blog. By the way, I’m practicing getting up from the floor and it isn’t pretty.

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