Oh Christmas tree!

Last night was the annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony in downtown Monterey. I was pleased to see two volunteers that I coaxed into working on a cold winter’s night.

There was a small orchestra, a singer, Santa Claus and a few other folks. I couldn’t see the staging from where I was. I was stationed at the First Night booth handing out hot apple cider and whipping cream (Yes!, I was surprised about that, as well, but folks seemed to like it) and cookies.

My job would be to talk folks into volunteering for the annual First Night celebration on New Years Eve day. I think there will be a few signing up from that effort.

Now I only have about 85 more to go! But that’s only for the one event.

By the way: if you’re reading this from close to my area; do you have, or know anyone, who has a good car for my grandson to purchase? He needs a car to get from home to work, to college ,and of course, back home again. He has a job and can make payments, and his dad and I will help if needed.   Let me know.


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