Now in Holland

I’m now in Arnhem, Holland being hosted by friends Paul and Dorry. I got here after traveling by trains from Bingen, Germany, with one change in Dusseldorf.

I left early this morning, saying good bye to Michael Madden, the owner of the hotel where I stayed for a week. I’ll miss him, the good breakfast and his staff of exceptional people.


I’ll have more to report tomorrow, as there are lots of plans in the works….stay tuned.

3 Responses to Now in Holland

  1. Laureen…..waiting for THE HOLLAND REPORT !!!

    Paula and Bud

  2. not much to say other than Hi!

    • HI Ronnie,

      I think about you all the time. Did you read the emails I sent you? I’m staying right now until tomorrow at Debby’s cousin’s house in The Hague.

      Tomorrow I’ll be in Scheveningen. Remember Scheveningen????? Love YOU, MOM

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