Nothing on the planet is standardized

I’m back on the internet in the community room of the Golden Gate Hotel. I tried yesterday, after running out of battery power, to locate a store where I could find a country converter. I have several for many countries, but those didn’t fit my computer plug, and the one I purchased after chasing around the city on foot and then on a Tuk Tuk, didn’t work either.

A college professor from Texas, here in Cambodia with American students, staying at the same hotel, advised me that I shouldn’t need a converter that all rooms have outlets that would fit any plug. NOT! Mine didn’t: so I asked at the front desk about a converter. The asked if my computer didn’t have a battery. YES, of course it has a battery, but the battery is down, and I need a plug/outlet to get back on. I showed them the plug and the computer. They looked into variou drawers but didn’t come up with anything and said they couldn’t help me.

I reminded them that hotel says they have wifi, so I need to get my computer up and running. This I said, mostly in pantomime.  Then they showed me the community room, and a plug, that lo and behold, as you see here, it worked.

Language is king in the world.

By take way a Tuk Tuk is a motorcycle of sorts, that pulls a wagon with comfortable seats.

I took one of those back from my unsuccessful shopping. The traffic here is a web of noise, with motorcycles, tuk tuk’s, taxi’s, cars, buses, wagons, moveable  food kiosks, and more. Pedestrians are an inconvenience.

But, just learning how to get around and be understood and be understanding is giving me the great experience I want.

On my walk yesterday, one shop sent me to another shop, and so on; at one place I found a lovely coffee shop with French pastries and a nice Japanese gentleman to talk to for awhile.

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