No writer’s blog for me

I’m going over the entire one year blog of my world wide journey, 2012-13 and enjoying reliving the experience.

Soon, it will be ready to send off to a publisher. I’m going to try for a standard publisher, not independent as I did before. It will be a challenge.

Independent publishing is great, because you can make changes, which I have done with my first book, “Too Close to the Sun”. But, I think this book will be have a wider audience….I hope.

So, I have been sitting by the large window over looking the awesome view of pine, aspen trees and Vallecito Lake. I also have a birds eye view of the birds in the trees and bird feeders. They sure work hard for their meals.


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  1. Hi Laureen,

    It is a pleasure to read your blog. I see you have a wonderful time.
    When do you plan go back to California? Take care, Klara

    • Hi Klara,
      I sent you a note on email, as well as here. I plan to be back in California, last of Oct./first of Nove. And then I’ll be looking for a place to rent. if you have any ideas, let me know.

      I miss you!

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